Music is excellent for your child’s development!

Experts believe that engaging your child in musical activities from an early age can support the development of basic skills and can benefit your child by:

• Aiding physical and mental co-ordination
• Developing memory
• Helping language and communication skills
• Improving maths ability and spatial reasoning
• Helping personal creativity
• Developing social skills
• Helping to develop a knowledge and understanding of the world.

Pitch, rhythm and dynamics are all fundamental elements in playing and listening to music, and are vital for formulating sentences and expressing oneself through language. Being able to join in with well-known songs helps to build up confidence in using language whilst helping children to remember new words. It gives first experiences of language structures such as phrasing in sentences and syllables within words.
Participating in a group environment like this one helps to develop social skills like taking turns, working together and sharing. On a more personal level, these activities can help to instil a sense of independence and self-confidence whilst encouraging children to listen closely to instruction, to copy actions and to be ready to respond. Even something simple like collecting an instrument from the teacher or holding another child’s hand can be a big step towards discovering independence and becoming socially aware.

For more information on how Hullabaloo classes are structured to help your child’s development, please see the Class Structure page.