So, what do you do at Hullabaloo?

At Hullabaloo we have a similar & carefully planned class structure every week as it is important for children to be able to recognise a routine in order to help them to settle into the classes and to understand concepts such as taking turns, giving instruments back or having to sit quietly at certain times.

We like the classes to be informal and relaxed, so that we can respond to the questions, behaviour, and abilities of the children in each class, and so that the children can move around and express themselves freely (within reason!). Children learn best through repetition so we use plenty of old favourites, along with new songs that soon become favourites. Every week we play percussion instruments and play with at least one “prop” (parachute, scarves, streamers, pom poms, hoops, balls , beanbags etc.). We also like to expose the children to different music styles from around the world so often use pieces of music other than songs and nursery rhymes in our programmes.

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A balanced programme of activities

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