Terms and Conditions

Instrumental Lessons T&C:

Students or guardians of students must complete a registration form in order to book a lesson. Click here to view our privacy policy and for info on how we handle your data. Once a lesson time is agreed (either a one-off or regular slot), customers must register with our online payment system, Go Cardless. This is a fully secure direct payment system and the only information our staff will see is your name and address. Your bank details will not be made available to us. For individual (1:1) lessons, you will be charged on as a pay as you go basis at the end of each teaching month. Your payment will vary depending on how many lessons were delivered during that month. If you wish to cancel we will require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise the lesson will be charged. However, we can offer an online lesson in place of a face to face lesson if you need to cancel at short notice, or indeed if at any time you would find it easier to have an online lesson. Very little notice will be required to arrange this.

For group lessons of two or more students, you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. This payment will be the same each month and will be calculated by dividing the total of all the planned lessons during the year and dividing by 11 (we will take payments every month except July). There will be no refunds if you cannot attend as the tutor will be there teaching the other students regardless. We can arrange for students to join group lessons by zoom, however, which can be arranged at short notice.

Online Resources T&C:

Membership and use of the Hullabaloo at Home online resource is valid for one year from the date of registration. Customers who have bought the online resource and who are also attending a subscription Hullabaloo class, will have their membership extended for the duration of their subscription plan without the need to pay to renew after one year.

It is the responsibility of the member or user to ensure the safety of themselves and of any other participants (including children) in their care whilst using this resource. This applies whether participants are at home or in an educational or childcare environment. McMillan Young Musicians will not be held responsible for accidents or incidents that occur whilst participating in an online activity.

As a member and user of the online resource, you agree to keep your login and password information confidential. McMillan Young Musicians staff do not have access to your passwords, and so anyone found to be sharing a login or profile without our express permission will be blocked from the site and have their membership cancelled without refund.

By using this resource, you signify your acceptance of this policy. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not register as a member/user.