Music Skills @ Hullabaloo

Developing our “Music skills” is the term we use broadly to mean learning the basics of music theory, practice and appreciation.
Everything we do in class contributes to the children’s development as mini-musicians, and as far as the children are concerned they are just learning new songs, playing games and having fun.

The following music skills are covered throughout the course of the programmes and are generally just incorporated into the sessions as part and parcel of the whole experience (click to read more):

Investigating & Exploring Sound

Sensing Music – Beat, Pulse & Speed


Basic Rhythm

Once the children are older, we do start to get a bit more technical, and I have written some modules that introduce some of the themes listed above, in a more structured way (see below). These are really aimed at the 3.5 year olds and above, and I’m careful to keep it short, to make sure we don’t get information overload!

Click on the pictures below to find out more.

Animal Beats

Dynamic Duos

Rhythm Rascals